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SDI Strategies

Our Team

Jeffrey Sims

Dan Doherty, M.A.
Technical Writer & Facilitator

Pirouz Khakzad
Technical & Business Analyst

Elizabeth Dillon
Technical Advisor & IT Specialist

Nino Barbon
Systems Management & Training Specialist

Tiam Korki
Systems Architect & Business Advisor

Nino Barbon

At nine years old, Nino Barbon often helped to move heavy boxes for his father, who operated a growing start-up wholesale food business from the basement of the family's home and delicatessen. Twenty years later, expediting the movement of food products for the family business, the largest distributors on Vancouver Island, was his most bewildering task, keeping track of far-flung food shipments to 2,200 customers. Then he had an inspiration, and suddenly it all made sense. The young entrepreneur and staff, developed and implemented an innovative combination of bar code technology, computers and radio data technologies, an automated warehouse system to give the company a leading-edge competitive efficiency providing improved customer service and reduced operating costs.

The company was sold 6 years later to North America’s leading edge distribution giant, Sysco Foods. With his Bachelor of Commerce degree, Barbon remains a visionary entrepreneur with an excellent skill set in understanding operations and the necessary technologies needed to be implemented to manage costs and improve company-wide sales and productivity. After his 5 years as Vice-President and the sale of the family business, Nino remained for five years as President of the company. In 2005, he moved on to launch a fitness training centre and a non-profit web based distribution organization, with the help of his kids, where the sale of coffee products and equipment funded Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Since 2009, Nino has focussed on business consulting to improve productivity and system operations for medium sized companies such as MD Charlton, one of Canada’s largest law enforcement equipment distributors and Belltech Electrical Contractors as a Business Analyst. Nino has been working with SDI on the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) which is an Industry Canada newly launched program providing up to $100,000 for upgrading technologies and transitioning SME’s to become more productive.