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Our Team

Jeffrey Sims

Dan Doherty, M.A.
Technical Writer & Facilitator

Pirouz Khakzad
Technical & Business Analyst

Elizabeth Dillon
Technical Advisor & IT Specialist

Nino Barbon
Systems Management & Training Specialist

Tiam Korki
Systems Architect & Business Advisor

Dan Doherty. M.A.

Dan’s areas of passion and expertise include technical writing, facilitating, teaching and using technology to support communication and learning. As a facilitator he seeks constructive and balanced solutions to challenging issues. As an educator his participants often express their appreciation for his sense of humour and the respectful and motivating learning environment he helps create. Dan started two campus-based Toastmasters public speaking clubs and is a convener for Wise Democracy Victoria's Wisdom Council process. Dan facilitates small and large groups to help them address seemingly “impossible” challenges and to identify & achieve their goals. He employs a variety of group processes that engage participation and draw from collective wisdom to engage people in change management and organizational planning. For example: Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitation, Wisdom Council, Collaborative Action Research, World Café, Harmonic Thinking Systems, Challenge Dialogue™, Open Space Technology and the Art of Focused Conversation.

Dan teaches report writing using a business model that incorporates direct sentence structure and plain descriptive language. He believes writing is most effective when a message is well structured and conveyed with clarity, rather than trying to impress with complexity. He also teaches a variety of theory-based skills courses and workshops including business communication, public speaking, presentation skills, curriculum design, train the trainer, facilitation skills, sales skills, computer applications such as MS-Office and multimedia. Dan’s master's degree is in distributed learning (learning and technology).

Dan managed the audio-visual department and served as an internal consultant (technologist) at Camosun College in British Columbia for 26 years. He wrote the “EdTech Toolkit: a Guide to Using Technology in the Classroom” in 1994 to demonstrate how new technologies can support learning, and was an early adopter of online communication and commerce, videoconferencing and the Web design. He enjoys exploring the capabilities of new technologies and advocates using the appropriate medium to achieve a specific objective.

Dan recently publish Research: An Operational Approach (2011), updating a communication research textbook that introduces statistics and quantitative methods to support qualitative research.